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Everyone, but particularly the younger generation, face enormous challenges in the world today, and even more in the years ahead. One critical area involves making choices between the vast number of possibilities now associated with personal development. These choices are increasingly linked to the growing impact of the digital world on every aspect of our lives. Francine has produced a thorough and readable tour of the issues. It is one of the first books that attempts to provide insightful advice on both areas and how we can manage these challenges more effectively. The book makes an invaluable contribution to helping us all lead more rewarding lives, beyond the unsustainable obsession with making more and more money. The book should be widely read -- and used, together with the online resources that are associated with it.

Dr Bruce Lloyd, Emeritus Professor of Strategy
London South Bank University

I didn’t expect that a book called ‘Personal Branding in the digital age’ would have a lot to say for me personally; I am a professional journalist and I understand the way social media and digital technology works. But the book is much broader than its name might imply. I suppose, more than anything else, its encouraged me to think again about the way I organise my life, what my priorities should be and how I should use my time.

Bill Goodwin, Premium content editor
Computer Weekly

Meet the Author

Francine Beleyi

Francine Beleyi is a self-confessed MIMEC(TM), a term she has coined to designate people with Multiple Interests, Multiple Expertise and Careers. So, when it comes to create a congruent brand without confusing people, what should you do? Francine’s search to find out how to package all her passions, interests and skills (PIS) took her on a journey with insightful conversations with experts, entrepreneurs and leaders of the new economy. The result is a ground-breaking yet simple YEANICC(TM) model described in her book Personal Branding in the Digital Age:How to Become a Known Expert, Thrive and Make a Difference in a Connected World.

Francine is a bilingual French-English, digital strategist, change & communication consultant, business advisor, trainer and speaker. She is the founder of nucleus of change and on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and other professionals to become leading voices in their field, thrive and make a difference in their world.

How to Be a Known Expert, Thrive, and Make a Difference in a Connected World